September 28

Game Theorist

Hi guys! I will be talking about one of my favorite YouTubers!

The YouTuber I am talking about is the Game Theorist.  The person who runs the channel is a man named Mat.  He mostly calls himself MatPat though.  He has another channel, Film Theorist.  The two channels are about, you guessed it, theories.  He covers many topics such as FNAF(Five Night’s at Freddy’s), Mario, Deadpool, Frozen, and more.  I really enjoy his content because you are always wondering what is next.  My favorite video/series is the FNAF one.  It has about 5 videos explaining the topic.  His answers are mind-blowing.  I would highly recommend checking his content out.  (Go watch the Finding Nemo one as well:P)

Bye… 😛

September 15

IT…Clown Fears

As you may all know, IT has come out.  Some of you may go, some may not, BUT it is a definite that I am NOT going.  Clowns are my biggest fear.  I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW KIDS LIKE THEM!!! *inhales then exhales* Clowns have been a small part of my life.  That all changed when I watched the IT trailer.  I didn’t think that it was going to be a really scary movie…I was wrong.  I have been filled with regret.  When I watched the trailer and saw a clown, I jumped and just ran away from my computer.  I thought that I was going to have a panic attack.

I have also seen these videos of people pranking their friends after seeing IT.  This one girl came home after watching the movie.  As soon as she opens the door, there is a red balloon on the table.  I think that I would’ve called the police, send a SWAT team in there and have the police guard my house at night.  When people dress up as clowns during Halloween, I just want to stay in my house, close all the windows, and stay there until Christmas.  I ALSO ABSOLUTELY HATE GOING TO HALLOWEEN SHOPS BECAUSE THEY HAVE CREEPY MASKS EVERYWHERE!!!  I remember one time my dad gave me a jack-in-the-box, and when I did it, I got so scared I fell over.  R.I.P. Raya

That’s all I have! Thanks for reading!! BAIIII

September 13

Weekly Post #11 – Outside the Window Part 2

Hi everyone! This is part 2 of Outside the Window! Hope you enjoy :P!

Kandu decided to buy…A DRAWING SET!!!  He ran home and went directly to his bedroom. He sat down in his chair and opened the box.  It was full of colors and paper!  He took out a piece of paper and pencil.  He looked out his window and closed his eyes.  He imagined many thing.  He thought of drawing a knight riding a dragon, a cat flying in the air, and many other crazy things.  He decided to start off easy by drawing a flower.  When he finished, he ran downstairs to show his parents.  They were amazed by his talent. He realized that he was really good at drawing.


Kandu just turned 18!  He was happy because he was able to afford a new painting canvas.  He ran to the same local store to buy the canvas.  When he got home, he immediately started to paint.  He worked on it for hours and hours.  When he finished, he was in awe.  He drew a magical unicorn.

September 6

Bokuto Koutarou

Hey Guys! My schedule has a bit more time so I can write.  You know what that means…MORE POSTS ABOUT ANIME!

I will be talking about my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE character in Haikyuu!!  His name is Bokuto Koutarou.  He is on a team named Fukurodani.  He resembles the great horned owl which is Fukurodani’s mascot.  COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT!  He is my favorite because he is just a very funny and energetic character.  He has a best friend named Kuroo Tetsurou.  They both do very dumb things.  Bokuto is can be VERY insecure.  If his spikes keeps on getting blocked, he will go into his “emo mode.”  That means that he will tell Akaashi, their setter, to not toss to him anymore.  During that time, Bokuto gets very anxious because he didn’t think that Akaashi would take him seriously.  It’s a very continuous cycle that goes on and on.  Bokuto also LOVES meat.  He craves it like a predatory owl…