March 29

My Top 5 Songs!!

Hey everyone! I will be showing you some of my favorite songs! Let’s begin!

Starting at #5 is Don’t Give Up On Me by Andy Grammer!  This song is AMAZING! It comes from the movie, Five Feet Apart.  I would recommend this song to literally anybody.  This is such a powerful song.  This is a song I will NEVER become tired of.

“I will fight. I will fight for you. I always do until my heart is black and blue.  And I will stay.  I will stay with you.   We’ll make it to the other side like lovers do.”

Next up is Woke Up Late by Drax Project featuring Hailee Steinfeld at #4.  100/10 song…I first heard this song on the radio, and I instantly loved it.  Hailee Steinfeld has such a beautiful voice.  She matches the song so well.

“Woke up late.  Somewhere far away from home.  Pockets empty.  Wallet gone.  The sun is streaming all on down my face.  Layin’ down on someone’s bed.  A girl that I had hardly met.  My head is spinnin’ like I’ve been out for days.”

Coming in at #3 is Crown by TXT!  Yes…I am adding in K-Pop…This song actually has the power to make anyone happy.  In the beginning of the song, there is morse code that spells out Dreaming.  It’s so cool that they added such small details like that.

“You, who’s staring at me blankly in the mirror is not me.  Dizzy headaches and something on my head.  Wanna run away wanna disappear far away.  My body must have gone mad.  There’s a horn coming out of my head.  What do I do? I don’t know how to stop it.”

Next at a #2 is TOUCH by NCT 127!  K-Pop again!!! 😀 This song is such a bop.  I could listen to it all day.  This song just gives off the best vibes.  To me, TOUCH is very underrated.  It deserves so much more!

“Your voice that calls my name makes my heart drop.  For some point, I started to talk just like you.  I can figure it all out, once I hold your hand.  Once I hold your hand, you know.  I don’t know how I can withstand you.  Even I’m shocked over how I’m being, it’s true.  My feet won’t listen and keeps following you.”

FINALLY!! AT #1!! It is Answer: Love Myself by BTS!  This song is so amazing and powerful.  It leaves off such an amazing message.  The song is basically about self-love.  The song is so cute, and it never fails to make me smile.  I am almost certain that this song has helped some people over the world to raise their confidence.

“I’m opening my eyes in the darkness.  When my heartbeat sound unfamiliar, I’m looking at you in the mirror.  The fear-ridden eyes, asking the question.  Loving myself might be harder than loving someone else.  Let’s admit it.  The standards I made are more strict for myself.”

“From the eyes of the cold night, I try to hide myself as I keep tossing and turning.  Maybe I fell in order to take the place of those countless stars.  The target of thousands of bright arrows is me alone.  You’ve shown me I have reasons I should love myself.  I’ll answer with my breath, my path~”

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